Election Fallout

My Facebook friends list went through a purge this morning.

I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I have friends and family with wide and varying beliefs.  I’m personally of the belief that as long as your beliefs don’t hurt you, me or others, you can believe what you want.  I don’t mind having political discussions with people who don’t view the world the same way I do.  I like hearing different points of view and where they’re coming from.  The key to a discussion is, it’s just that.  We don’t talk to try to change each other’s minds.  We talk to explain where we’re coming from.

But today, there were some people I just couldn’t stand to hear from anymore.

I could’ve just dropped them from my news feed, so I didn’t have to see their hate-filled speeches about the other parties anymore.  But I felt that by letting them stay on my friend list, it would be a tacit approval of the filth that was covering their Facebook walls.  Before you think I deleted people because of their political beliefs, let me just say that I deleted one person who voted for the opposite party and two that voted for the same party I did.

I’m tired of being a nation divided.  I’m tired of “mandates from God” and “mandates from the people”.  While we may not agree on how to get there, I don’t know very many people who don’t want to see the Senate and House of Representatives work together with the White House to make our country a better place.  I miss the days where bipartisan wasn’t a bad word, and the majority of our country’s representatives may have leaned left or right, but mainly fell somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum.

I’m especially tired of all of the name calling and hate that election season seems to bring with it.  And that’s why I snapped this morning.  I’ve been looking forward to last night for well over a month – not because of the changes it could potentially bring for our country, but because all of the campaigning would be over.  No more hate ads.  No more negativity.  Maybe we could all move forward as a nation again.

So when I saw the poor loser and poor winners this morning, I snapped.  Will I refriend those people?  Probably not.  We weren’t close to begin with, and I don’t think I need them in my life.

Today’s moral:  Win with grace or lose with dignity.  And be nice.  :)

One thought on “Election Fallout

  1. LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! Why can’t we disagree and not name call?? I just don’t understand. It’s nice to be able to talk about politics and not have everyone be so sensitive.

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