…And then a cat barfed on it

  • Expensive new planner
  • RPG book
  • Floor
  • Couch
  • Each other?
  • Kitty food dish
  • Bed
  • Bed again
  • Between the couch cushions

This is life living with four cats.


The Proposal

She was mopping the floor when the young couple clumped in, their shoes shedding salt and snow in their wake. Light, threadbare coats and holey shoes weren’t enough to stand up to the elements on the cold, snowy Christmas Eve.

As they stood shivering together, they pulled crumpled dollars out of pockets and purses and considered the menu. Taking the money, he sent her to find a chair while he ordered from the dollar menu for them.

She watched as they spent the next hour cuddling on the same bench in the booth, sharing a coke, nibbling at their burgers and fries.

She felt a bit of guilt when she approached them an hour later, letting them know the restaurant was closing.

She was carrying the garbage to the dumpster when she realized they were still outside. The snow was once again falling. She heard the girl say that the night looked so magical. Then she heard a muffled cry. She turned to see the boy on one knee before the girl, something in his hands. Then she saw a small sparkle get placed on the girl’s ring finger.

Young love proposing in the snow on Christmas Eve.